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Establishing Core Values & Core Purpose to Launch a Renewable Energy Program: Coaching in Energy Sector

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Sector: Energy
Assignment: Establishment of Core Values & Core Purpose to Launch a Renewable Energy Programme in Wales & Scotland.
Period: 2003 – 2008


A UK government department was instructed to commercialise its assets. KPMG assisted in writing the applications for European funding to support a venture into a multiple-tier renewable energy programme.


• To translate the application for European funding & the original government department business plan into the launch of a ground breaking, initial, three–year renewable energy programme in Wales
• To establish with the senior management team the core values & core purpose of the organisation and the project
• To research core purpose with stakeholder groups in Wales to deliver continuity in handling new client relationships, particularly in the development of the supply chain
• To use the agreed values & core purpose to create a coherent online and off-line organisation brand, its market positioning, facilitate discussion around internal & external brand, funding instrument, creative & communication territories, & their application to potential marketing & messaging
• To facilitate the use of core values, core purpose, & agreed creative & communication territories to assist in:
– To increase the profile of the brand and launch the renewable energy programme
– The acceleration of underwriting new business via the funding instrument
– The development of increased continuity in managing client relationships & the supply chain
– To increase market share versus other energy suppliers
– To ensure continuity of programme delivery in two languages


Use of an organisation wide values assessment instrument to assess commonality & alignments of values & core purpose within the organisation
• Workshops
• Feedback loops
• Corporate coaching of senior government executives


Over six months the organisation went from blueprint to launch, successfully creating a new renewable energy programme ‘Wood-Energy’ across Wales. After eighteen months the programme was 100% oversubscribed. A complete supply chain has been established ‘from scratch’ to manage & fulfil the programme. New & continuous funding is now in place. The programme works across all public & private
sectors in business, education, social housing, & in the home. Subsequently in 2005 the Scottish Government adopted the Welsh programme in a slightly amended form. Since its launch in 2006, the Scottish programme has become equally successful with that established in Wales

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