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An ROI Method for Executive Coaching: Have the Client Convince the Coach of the Return on Investment

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Truth in Advertising: What It Takes to Get There

Since the focus of this article is on a Benefit/Cost Ratio calculation, it is beyond our scope to detail the specific executive coaching implementation methodology that helped Anne and her team achieve results in all three Key Factors.   However, I will give a broad sketch of the work I did with Anne and her team that helped her get the results she needed.

We worked with the three Key Factors constantly throughout the coaching process.  After setting them in the beginning, they remained as a standing agenda item for nearly every meeting afterwards.  Midway through the process we discussed progress on each factor and whether Anne and her team were likely to achieve them.  At the end we had a formal conversation assessing results for each of the three Key Factors (see next section).

Other elements came into play in the executive coaching engagement.  Working with a colleague, we did live team coaching with Anne and her team members while they were all present and working on business issues at their meetings.  We helped her sequence a series of concentrated efforts, from communicating the three Key Factors to her team, to getting feedback from team members on whether the factors were on target, to gaining commitment to them, to helping them communicate more directly with each other.  The executives with whom I work have team members who are leaders themselves.  This offers the added benefit of teaching team members leadership skills that they can then apply to their own staffs.  We focused on three ongoing learning challenges — 1) the leadership challenges and behaviors that Anne found emotionally daunting; 2) her ability to “learn live” with her team so team members were willing to take on more of their own challenges; and 3) a shift by the leader and the team to more effective co-created patterns of interacting with each other.

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