Effectiveness and You

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I ask you to climb mountain A in two hours

You climb mountain B in 90 minutes

You are happy about being efficient, you did it quicker than I had estimated

However, are you effective?

do the right thing. stop sign illustration designNote, you climbed the wrong mountain.

Can you relate this to your workplace?

How many meetings would be productive, how many conflicts could be avoided,

how many targets would be met, goals achieved, clients retained, team members motivated, how many more products would be sold, hours saved, stress avoided, all if only employees were to be more effective.

Yes, effective, not just efficient

If you are like most people, you operate without an organized task list

If you do have a task list, it’s not prioritized

If indeed it’s prioritized, you don’t necessary follow it

Are you nodding your head in agreement?

I am a life coach and trust me, I hear this from my clients almost everyday

You are not alone, millions of people the world over, are slaves to distraction

Trivia rules their lives, their attention is scattered and focus is ever shifting

They are running at breakneck speed without paying attention to the direction

They mistake activities for achievements, long hours for performance

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