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Coaching and Multi-Source Feedback

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During our coaching sessions we decided to address five themes that had emerged from review of the 360 feedback data:

(1) Several of Sam’s major strengths [loyalty, nurturing attitude, thoughtfulness] also gets him in trouble. [Sam is unwilling to make hard decisions, he often delays decisions, and may have too many personal relationships with his subordinates],

(2) Respondents are worried about Sam burning out. [Sam assumes too much responsibility and works too many hours each day],

(3) Sam needs to build a stronger vice presidential team and give them more responsibility. [Too many people are going around the vice presidents to work directly with Sam],

(4) One of Sam’s vice presidents is a source of major problems for many members of the organization. [She must be confronted by Sam], and

(5) Sam is the “heart and soul” of the organization. [Sam must begin (as a man in his early 60s) to address the difficult issue of succession planning].

Sam and I worked on these issues for another two years. During that time he engaged in a major reorganization plan that helped HSC prepare for new leadership. He directly confronted his problematic vice president and began to do a better job of setting boundaries around his own time. The insights he gained regarding his strengths getting him in trouble came directly from the interpersonal style items on the 360 Degree feedback inventory. Sam found the style ratings (descriptive) to be of much greater value than the competency ratings (normative).

Today, as Sam prepares for his own retirement, a new CEO has assumed leadership at HSC. Sam is now working with the parent organization and heading a major strategic planning initiative in the parent organization. He is very pleased with the succession at HSC and is ready for a new journey in retirement as a wise and respected leader in his field.

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