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What Conflict Work May Offer About the Covid-19 Crisis

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The luckiest among us now have to stay home with minimal trips outside, wash our hands repeatedly and have to follow social distancing measures, in order to minimize infection for ourselves and most importantly for others.

Almost half the world is in lockdown. As of March 21st, India has announced the world’s largest lockdown in human history: 1.3 billion people.

On the social and economic front, we have entered a recession some are already comparing to the Great Depression of 1929. Some European countries are expected to lose 30% of their GDP as a result of the outbreak. It is also more and more likely that the overall unemployment rate could reach 30 % by the summer in some Western economies.

The metaphor of war has been touted by many European leaders to describe the unprecedented various national efforts to eradicate the pandemic. Processwork posits that within conflict itself there actually lies opportunities for individual and collective transformation.

There are indeed phases that we are going through in this pandemic, that mimic the various phases of conflict resolution.

Let’s explore.

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