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What Conflict Work May Offer About the Covid-19 Crisis

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Phase 4Detaching

When we have hopefully developed immunity (and deep immunity) with the virus, and learnt to live with it, we will have essentially removed ourselves from the Covid-19 threat. Much like most cases of today’s flu, the coronavirus might become an integrated pathogen, which we may grow immune to.

Survivors from previous pandemics are already great teachers, when recounting their personal transformations throughout these ordeals (be it the 1918 Spanish flu, the less known but very deadly 1967 Hong Kong flu, or more recently the Ebola outbreak).

Integrating and detaching from our old u energy and our current X energy might possibly usher a new awareness, a new form of resilience. Our inner posture will have possibly changed; we might have evolved toward reclaiming a new form of inner power.

In the long run, we will be better prepared and most importantly internally more pandemic-ready when the next pathogen comes around, which will be a normal and expected turn of events, essentially cycling back to phase 1.

Phase 4 is still a phase, and it too shall pass.

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