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What Would Homo Systemicus Do? The Wisdom Of Viewing Our World Through An Organic Systems Lens

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Languages of the Inside and the Outside

The language of the inside view is familiar to us. It is the language of personal and interpersonal experience; it is the language of feelings. The language of the outside is less part of our everyday lexicon. Yet if we’re to understand and master our relationships, the outside language needs to be as familiar as the inside. So the language I have come to use in describing the processes of the whole as it interacts with its immediate environment is one in which whole systems individuate and integrate, differentiate and homogenise.   Whole systems individuate, whereby the parts  – members and groups – function independently of one another and in pursuit of their separate purposes and they integrate, whereby the parts – members and groups – come together to function as an integrated entity, with parts feeding and supporting one another in pursuit of a common mission, goal, or purpose.

Whole systems differentiate, whereby the system develops ever-shifting complexity and variety in form and function and they homogenize, whereby system information and capacity are distributed across the system.

System Power and System Love.

It’s useful to see these processes functioning in combination with one another.   Individuation and differentiation function together as systems equivalent of Power; homogenization and integration as the systems equivalent of Love. (4)

System Power.

Systems exert their power by individuating and differentiating. These are the high-energy processes. Differentiation is about elaborating differences, change, growth, and continuous adaptation. Individuation is about liberty, independence, freeing up individuals and groups.

A system expressing its power through individuation   A system expressing its power through differentiation.

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