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The Coaching Tool Box:12 Steps to Emotionally Intelligent Healthcare

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  1. Prepare new people for their role
    Communicate your organization’s values and purpose to new hires. Explain how the values guide care, using specific examples. Don’t just mouth the words posted in your facility, make it real by sharing stories about “How Things Are Done Around Here.”
  2. Teach the why, not just the how
    Figure out what the best practices are in your area, in your organization and provide training—the adult learning version. Reward the behaviors you want to see. Give your employees ongoing personal development opportunities.
  1. Leverage peer-to-peer learning
    Bring together a cross-functional group of people to discuss cases and decide on treatment.
  2. Turn middle managers into teachers
    Employees follow their supervisors’ example—words and actions. Coach your middle managers and train them to coach their employees.

Bellin also learned its patients wanted a comprehensive cancer center away from the main hospital. Although we may forget this as healthcare professionals, hospitals are actually scary places for those not from the Republic of Medicine. They’re also inconvenient, complicated, and nonintuitive.

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