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A Sample Chapter of Legacy Leadership by Jeannine Sandstrom and Lee Smith

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A lot of Legacy Leaders have been developed over the past ten years, and we have enjoyed seeing the results of their transitions. That is the reason this book hasn’t been completed earlier. We have been too busy working with executive leaders, establishing a proven profile of performance for Legacy Leadership. We have taken this model into large and small organizations, with emerging and existing leaders, both resistant and open to learning new leadership competencies. In every case, the model has stood the test of time and the test of changing leadership trends and business conditions. Individual leaders have been transformed into dynamic Legacy Leaders, living their leadership legacy daily, and continuing to demonstrate unlimited growth and unprecedented results. Organizations have been shifted to entire Legacy Leadership cultures where all Five Legacy Practices are evident, contributing to impressive returns on the investment of leadership development. In some cases growth was swift and impressive. In others, it has been a slow but steady course toward living legacy. Each leader and each organization is different and unique, and each will respond in varying ways. Much depends on the mind set of the individuals, and the desire to be and do their personal, professional and organizational best. We have included case studies from our years of coaching to Legacy Leadership in this book. Each chapter contains examples of our application of the model with real leaders.

We have been asked often why this model works so well. The answer is simple, just like the model. It is a blend of the technology of human interaction (business is about relationships) and sound business practices. It defines what works in human dynamics, and details what is necessary for business success. Ten years after its birth it has left its own legacy—a consistent track record and experiential evidence that it works.

Having a solid comprehensive leadership development tool, and a platform on which to base leadership excellence, may have been the motivating factors in the design of this model. When we coach executives, however, our purpose is not just to develop a better leader who can better him- or herself, but to grow a leader of legacy who can impact all those who follow, whether in business or in life. Legacy Leaders make the world around them a better place. Like the ripples on a lake, everyone is touched as the influence spreads. Our purpose is to enable leaders to find and develop their leadership purpose, and live it fully, everywhere.

What will be your business or leadership legacy? How do you want people to remember you and your leadership years from now? What will your reputation be? Isn’t it about time to start living that legacy today, intentionally shaping your legacy for tomorrow? Welcome to Legacy Leadership. This is our legacy to you. Lee and Jeannine January 2008

Something to consider as you read this book… “Our achievements of today are but the sum total of our thoughts of yesterday. You are today where the thoughts of yesterday have brought you and you will be tomorrow where the thoughts of today take you.” —Blaise Pascal

French Philosopher, Mathematician and Physicist (mid-1600s)

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