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Stop Playing Safe by Margie Warrell – A Sample Chapter

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Imagine yourself 20 years from now, looking back on the intervening time.What would you love to have accomplished in your career and life? What impact would you like to have made? What kind of person would you like to have become by making it?

Twenty years from now there will be people no smarter or more capable than you who will have accomplished extraordinary things across all spheres of life. While it’s impossible to know who they will be, what is certain is that they will all have made courageous choices, taken bold actions and refused to succumb to the fear that drives so many to think small and play safe.

Life is the lump sum of our choices. Too often though, our choices are driven by fear, self-doubt and insecurity rather than a clear sense of purpose, confidence and courage. Fear drives us to avoid risk, play safe and settle for the status quo, however unrewarding or miserable it is.

Sombre economic forecasts, corporate cutbacks, natural disasters, fundamentalist extremism, international conflict — look at what’s making news today and chances are at least one headline is fuelling fear and feeding insecurity.While this may not have you racing to stock up your pantry on canned tomatoes and bottled water, there’s no escaping that we live in a culture that breeds fear and drives us to play safe, avoid change and settle for less than we want.

Research shows that our brains are wired to overestimate risk, exaggerate its consequences and underestimate our ability to handle it. Confronted with ongoing economic instability and mounting global competition, fear in the workplace has grown so pervasive that playing safe and avoiding risk has

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