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A Sample Chapter of Stop Playing Safe by Margie Warrell

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  • Money. It’s no surprise that money is usually not the reason why people change careers. However, sometimes low-paying work can be the catalyst for people to make a career change, particularly as they have children and financial pressures mount. If you chose a career that’s traditionally low paying to begin with, it’s likely because you felt it would be rewarding. So be careful when making a decision to change career for money alone.Working in a high paying job that isn’t fulfilling is not a recipe for success at work or in life. Hopefully the career you change to will be one that leverages your unique talents and expertise and is meaningful to you beyond improving your bank balance.
  • Stress. Some jobs are naturally more stressful than others. While the pressure of some roles can be exciting and adrenaline-pumping in the beginning, after a time the stress can take a toll and people can suffer an adrenaline burnout. To preserve mental and physical health it can be worth looking for a less stressful job or career.
  • Market/industry changes. The outlook in your field was optimistic when you started out, but due to changes in technology, the economy or the industry, job and advancement opportunities are shrinking.You want to work in a field or industry that provides greater opportunities for growth, development and experience in a variety of interesting yet challenging roles.Whatever reasons drive your decision to make a change, it doesn’t change the fact that change — even change for the better—can be difficult.While my first 18 years of life involved relatively little change, ever since then it’s been constant. Some of it I’ve eagerly pursued, albeit with moments of nervous apprehension. Some of it I’ve tripped through, awkwardly yet openly. And some of it I’ve really struggled with, often overwhelmed and sometimes resentful.All of it I’ve grown from. Whether spending a year backpacking around the world with no more than a few nights in the same bed, having four children in five years across three countries in seven homes, or starting down a new and unknown career path in the middle of all those moves and babies, change is something I’ve become intimately
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