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Emergent Sage Leadership: Interview of Cristine Kelly

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6. There are five key roles that civic leaders often play in their community:

  •  Mentor: teaching and engaging others
  •  Mediator: helping to resolve conflict
  •  Monitor: serving as a community watchdog
  •  Mobilizer: working to bring about change
  •  Motivator: urging people to pursue worthy goals

As you think about your own civic involvement in our community, which of    these roles have you played and which do you consider to be your strongest?

I’ve actually been most of those at one time or another. Mentor is probably my strongest or most frequent role. I can be a great motivator, and I’ve also been a mediator. Currently, I see myself moving more toward the role of mobilizer/ agent of change role.

7. This project has to do with the involvement of sage leaders like yourself in civic organizations that seek to improve the quality of life and well-being of Grass Valley and Nevada City. This includes nine types of civic organizations:

  •  Fraternal and service clubs
  •  Social services organizations
  •  Educational organizations
  •  Governmental and political organizations
  •  Arts organizations
  •  Media organizations
  •  Faith-based organizations
  •  Environmental organizations
  •  Other nonprofit organizations

In which of the nine types of civic organizations on the list are you currently involved? Overall, how many total hours a month do you give to these organizations?

I work or have worked in educational organizations, other non-profits, and environmental organizations, and now work in the arts.  I’m working as the executive director of a classical music organization, which is a 40-hour a week commitment. I volunteer at school a few hours every month and am an active member of several area non-profits. Outside of work, those total about 10-15 hours per month.

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