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XV. The Enactment of Generativity Two: Mentoring Individuals and Organizations

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It is also, for her, about finding new sources of gratification:

I see myself primarily as a mentor and enjoy promoting the professional growth of others. I encouraged someone to apply for a countywide coordinator position, and she brought me a bottle of champagne when she got the job. When I asked why, she told me she never thought to apply before I mentioned it. I got a huge charge out of that. That’s why teaching, in all of its forms, has been so satisfying for me. I enjoy seeing people succeed and grow.

Learning about Mentorship

Why and how do Sage leaders become mentors? In many cases, they themselves were mentored and found powerful role models among the men and women they worked with when young:

I admire the qualities of calmness and a willingness to listen in a leader. One leader stands out to me. There was an old business partner who was very successful, and he always took the time to listen and be involved. He knew so much more than I did about everything, but he always encouraged my decisions and supported them. And he did this in such a calm manner that it was empowering for me. The biggest thing of value I took from my relationship from him is that I have now developed similar abilities. I discuss a direction with people rather than dictate to them.

Another Sage leader offered a similar, heart-felt reflection on how she learned about mentoring and how she, in turn, “passes forward” this mentoring role:

I have been fortunate to have been mentored by some great individuals throughout my life. They have helped me to grow over the years and have allowed me to become an effective mentor myself. I mentor junior analysts at work, providing them with advice and help with personal training. I also provide role modeling in leading by example. I have extended my mentoring role in my involvement with the Business and Professional Women group of Nevada County, where I am on the mentoring committee. We target young women in their late teens, especially those from underserved populations, and provide mentorships. This includes meeting with the girls, having lunch with them, and helping them learn about opportunities. It also involves helping them determine what they want to do with their lives and identifying steps they need to achieve their goals.

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