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XV. The Enactment of Generativity Two: Mentoring Individuals and Organizations

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Another Sage leader identifies his role as a mentor to those in his organization who are new in the job and need to gain a perspective about how the whole organization works:

Within the probation department, I’ve had the opportunity to be in all of the units and become fluent in all the aspects of the organization. That’s helped me become a leader in the department, and it has served me well. I tell younger department members that they should go after assignments in different areas of the organization, because it gives them such valuable perspective to know that each unit has its own style and culture. Each can benefit from the other.

The mentoring of younger or less experienced employees seems to be most effective if the person doing the mentoring is neither judgmental nor intimidating:

My strongest role is mentor. In my school district position, I often have site administrators who are new or transitioning into a new position. I am the person they contact because I’m not intimidating, and they feel safe in calling me. One of my gifts is being able to put people into the right positions. This is one of the reasons I enjoy the district personnel position. Being able to get the right teacher in the right place is important, because then I know I am impacting many kids. I am a good mentor and really enjoy it.

Generativity Two often involves not just having gained considerable experience in one’s working life in an organization, but also having achieved some well-deserved status and position-power in the organization.

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