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Dynamic Leadership: An Expansion of Self Determination Theory

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Figure 2

The Dynamic Engagement Model™: Combining SDT and Polarity Thinking


Let’s Revisit the Coaching Conversation

Coach: So now that you’ve reviewed the assessment, what are you walking away with?

Leader: I’m realizing that I was so set on not being like the previous manager and was resisting that way of being so much that I actually dismissed some really effective strategies. Seeing the bigger picture actually helped me to reframe the way I was thinking about a directive style.

Coach: In what way have you reframed that for yourself?

Leader: Before, I could only see the downsides of being decisive and directive and, in my mind, that only leads to disengagement and disrespect. Now that I can see the upsides. I’m willing to try out more of those behaviors and I see the value of making decisions to make progress.

Coach: What is now allowing you to step into these new ways of leading?

Leader: Well, it’s not like I need to learn a new skill. I know how to be decisive. I make decisions all of the time but what allows me to do things differently now is a change in my mindset. I now see decisive as a positive rather than a negative so I’m open to trying out these behaviors. The behaviors were always there, I just couldn’t see them fully. Now I feel that I can more fully step into my leadership potential and lead this team more successfully.

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