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Dynamic Leadership: An Expansion of Self Determination Theory

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Coaches Wanted

Coaches play an essential role in helping leaders leverage their potential by examining the upsides of both poles and learning how to hold both rather than choosing one. Coaches also have the opportunity to guide leaders in exploring the downsides of their behaviors and gain awareness of when they start to overuse either pole. When leaders see the dynamic of how the behaviors impact each other, they become clearer about the greater system they are trying to navigate within rather than seeing the behaviors as being independent of each other. Seeing the dynamic interplay of the behaviors becomes a new lens for leaders and helps them adopt a both/and mindset. With this bigger picture lens, the leader is also more open to exploring new behaviors with his/her coach.

More To Come

We plan to conduct future research with a larger sample size to further validate and expand on this model, the Polarities, and the behavioral items aligned to the three psychological needs. The goal is to continue to refine the items and create a leadership assessment tool that includes all three psychological needs from SDT and is accessible to coaches to use with clients who are in leadership positions. Rather than receiving a leadership assessment report with a list of strengths and areas to develop, this leadership assessment tool shows the dynamic relationship between leadership behaviors, how overusing one pole to the neglect of the other impacts their overall effectiveness. Coaches will be able to use this assessment to help their clients view leadership more holistically, increasing their contextual awareness, and help their clients see the value of both leadership styles, thereby increasing their clients’ leadership effectiveness.

Call to Action

If this model resonates with you, we’d love to hear from you. And, if you disagree or have questions about the model, we’d love to hear that, too! We are interested in what may be missing currently in leadership assessment tools that is now uncovered by this approach and what else may be important to consider. We are curious to hear how this future assessment tool may be useful to you in your work with clients. And, please contact us if you’d like to become trained in administering the assessments for the Beta Testing phase. We look forward to hearing from you.


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