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The Leadership Spectrum: I. Three Primary Perspectives and Practices

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When it comes to those with an Azure Blue orientation, the Golden Yellows are likely to use such terms as “irrational”, “soft hearted” and “dreamer.” The Golden Yellows find the Azure Blues to be particularly frustrating to work with because they are always ignoring reality and thinking only about the future. Why can’t we stay in the present for a few minutes and solve the problems that we face right now, rather than anticipating problems of the future or spending time envisioning what a world would look like if these problems didn’t exist. There will be no tomorrow if we don’t concentrate on today.

So ends the dialogue among people with differing perspectives and practices. Stereotypes can easily be elicited, and constructive behavior can often be misunderstood. Yet, the dialogue must take place and the biases must be unearthed, so that all of us might gain from the assistance of those who are different from us and, because of this difference, can complement our own understanding of the world in which we live and the actions we must take to improve this world. I offer several fantasies, to which we now turn, that might help us orchestrate this dialogue.

The Fantasy of Preferences

There is some wisdom inherent in the fantasies, myths and fairy tales that are to be found in all cultures. At the very least, these compelling narratives reiterate (and reinforce) powerful images that are prevalent in a specific culture. In recent years, many of the fantasies, myths and fairy tales have been replaced by stories that are portrayed in books, film, or television. In North America, two of the most popular productions has been The Wizard of Oz (a set of books for children and then a notable movie of 1939) and the well know science-fiction series, Star Trek, that has been watched on television and in movies. Both of the “myths” portray the three leadership styles and orientations offered in this essay.

The Wizard of Oz

In this wonderful tale of a young woman, Dorothy, coming to full realization regarding the value of home and the people who populate her daily life, we encounter three characters who join Dorothy in her trip to a destination, Oz, that is to provide each of these characters with something that they deeply desire (only to discover that what they seek is already available to them).

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