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The Leadership Spectrum: I. Three Primary Perspectives and Practices

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The Azure Blue Portrait

In moving toward other people, the Azure Blue leader is likely to find a source of joy in building commitment to a vision—either alone or with other people. The primary source of energy for someone with an Azure Blue orientation is imagining what “could be”. This is in keeping with the Jungian (MBTI) intuitive function. The major focus of attention comes down to the devoting of energy to and nurturing of a specific relationship. This is in keeping with the Jungian (MBTI) concept of introversion (introverts are inclined toward relationships like the extroverts – but to only a few relationships rather than many relationships). The strength of an Azure Blue orientation is providing serve to other people [enneagram 2]. Once again, one’s image of self: might require attention to Enneagram 3 and 4 (as well as Enneagram 2]. The challenge for the Azure Blue is overcoming the skepticism of other people (often coming from those with a Golden Yellow orientation), as well as helping other people gain appreciation for the “people” part of an issue (often having to counter those with a Ruby Red orientation). The ultimate threat is being judged as someone who is ultimately uncaring—being found out as an Enneagram 2 with a hook.

Azure Blue: Viewing Other Preferences

We must first of all note that those with an Azure Blue orientation hate to say anything bad about another person. They often tend to be “appreciation junkies.” However, if forced to share their concerns about the other two orientations then they would have the following to say. Those with a Ruby Red orientation can tend to be a bit cruel—even “heartless”. This is particularly true of those Ruby Reds who are in a leadership role. The Ruby Reds also can be blunderers. They can move forward without knowing which direction in which to move. As a result, the plans being made can often lead to haphazard actions, unanticipated consequences and frequent reinventions.

What about those with a Golden Yellow orientation. While the Ruby Reds can be heartless, the Gold Yellows are indifferent—they are “soulless”. They are calculators, who tend to view everything from the perspective of numbers: “if it can’t be quantified then it doesn’t really exist.” This means that the truly important dimensions of life are often overlooked or undervalued. We need more soul, as well as more heart, in our contemporary world—so says the Azure Blue as a reluctant critic of the other two primary perspectives and practices.

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