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Disrupt the Status Quo: Powering up a new Gen of Women Valerie Naidoo

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Turn industries upside down and redefine success in your start-up and career. Explore 5 ways you can rock the latter half of 2017 with the “Powering up a new Gen of Women” Coaching fellowship program.

  1. Intentions list– Write an intentions list for the latter half 2017 and put it up where it is visible. Journal in detail your most immediate business, career and personal goals – This inspires growth and sets the motor neurons towards taking action. So if you’re looking to launch a non-profit before the end of 2017 write down your plan in detail and make your descriptions as vivid as possible and take action everyday to achieve this goal.
  2. Reinvention partner– Recruit a re-invention partner with whom you can get together with at least once in 6 weeks to look at ways to rock your start-up or create a new movement. This helps to fuel your vision and to create a pull of energy which opens the doors to positive manifestations. Joining “Powering up a new Gen of Women” coaching fellowship program will curate the solid support structure you’re seeking in recruiting mentors and coaches to fast track your journey to success.
  3. Sharing your vision– Don’t be shy about sharing your vision with the world. Women often hide their lights under a huge rock – missing out on massive opportunities. Shout out to the world and let our message be loud and clear. This is no time to be playing small.
  4. Purpose living– Bring a product/service/solution to the world that aligns with your purpose and one that can add immense value to society. Reducing levels of poverty, creating more job opportunities and reducing gender imbalance whilst encouraging diversity are some of the prime examples that will have global impact. “Powering up a new Gen of Women” coaching fellowship program helps you get there.
  5. Strategy– Curate the tools you require to challenge yourself to think out of the box with new ways on how to build your career, structure your startup, test new ideas out, understand your users, refine your business model and theory of change. This is will enable you to become an agent of change in 2017.


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