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Energy Vampire Invasion

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The Order of Pathetic Objectives

“I never fail. My goals are limp. The world is a soft as Jello. I have a great job in a dysfunctional company with a cowardly boss and a truly unimportant product. Life is perfect.  Boredom is joy. As the Universe wants.”

The Order of Staying in an Unwanted Relationship

“So they beat me? Better to have something with someone that nothing with no one. Who am I without a boss? My secret strength is that I will outlast any pain. I am worth nothing in the first place. The world outside is full of poison berries. My fear is the mind killer.”

The Order of the Immaculate Inquiry

“Ah, the beauty of the unanswered question. I am the learner surrendered to Grail Quest with no end. Never will I be good enough to ordain what I know. Never, do I have to take full responsibility because learning flows in my blood.

My questions are pure.

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