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Miracles Do Happen! The DNA of Healthy Conversations

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Words Create Worlds

Co-creation is a driving force in my life. It was a word that set a new level of engagement – a new level of conversation – and opened up my thinking about how our brain works when we are in co-creation. Three decades of observation and experimentations with clients followed the discovery of this magical word, and have given me data to suggest that when we are in co-creation with others, energy emerge that has ‘the power to heal’ and the ‘power to generate a life force’ that is transformational and magical in its nature.

Companies have hired me to bring co-creation into their culture and with every engagement, something major happened in the company that released an unstoppable energy for growth, that seemed to heal wounds, minimize conflict, and elevate a level of innovation that I had never seen before. Mid-size companies seemed to grow and innovate faster; people seemed to find ways to innovate together not alone, and those who had felt outside became insiders. It was as though when companies discovered how to live in co-creation they had an ‘energy of activation’ that healed what didn’t work and activated what did work for the culture to be healthy, inclusive and innovative in ways I’d never seen before.

I became a student of co-creation, and wanted to know not just a dictionary definition of this new word, I wanted to understand where in our brains this incredible ‘interaction dynamic’ took place and how to replicate it in every company I worked with.

Then, in the midst of my pursuit of the most creative and fascinating research, I discovered I had breast cancer again – in fact this time I had two cancers – breast cancer and pancreatic cancer side by side. As someone who has BRACA II genes, I would learn that cancer was in my blood, and in my family, and no matter how much I prayed alone for this not to be true, cancer was in my genes.

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