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Miracles Do Happen! The DNA of Healthy Conversations

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In business, we need to learn how to create safe environments where we can make our issues, concerns and beliefs visible, and we need to feel safe enough to become more transparent about what is on our minds. We need to learn how to audit our mindsets so that we are always operating out of our healthiest beliefs. When we fear speaking up – the organizational immune flagging system breaks down – threatening the vital health of the organization. Having healthy dialogue and making our flags visible and our belief systems transparent – is core to sustaining a healthy thriving organization.

Principle 2: Become more Sensitive to Others’ Needs and Aspirations.

When cancer cells grow, cells lose their sensitivity to each other and grow anywhere they can. The chemistry for facilitating conversations between cells, called Contact Inhibition Factor (CIF), dries up and the cells break away from their cell partners, seeking a new form of contact. However without CIF, the cancer cells can’t find contact points and invade the body, growing into tumors that can block the normal functioning of organs and the body’s systems designed to sustain health. This principle reminds us of the importance of restoring cell sensitivity and instructs us how.

Toxic Signals: Insensitivity to others
Healthy Signals: Sensitivity to others

Translated into business terms, this means creating a feedback-rich culture that enables individuals to establish healthy conversations and healthy relationships with their neighbors and coworkers – even when the conversations are difficult.

In a feedback-rich culture, a new level of awareness emerges so that we ‘don’t grow all over each other.’ Rather than creating environments full of territorialism and competition, we learn how to reach out and connect with others – to give and receive healthy feedback, to ask for support, and engage in enabling each other to achieve our highest aspirations. Where healthy, open, trusting, caring relationships exist in companies, an organization will thrive. Our Vital Instincts to connect with others in a healthy way drives healthy relationships and cultures.

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