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Miracles Do Happen! The DNA of Healthy Conversations

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After 5 days of tests, and scans, and diagnosis, I traveled to meet with the best doctor in New York for Pancreatic Cancer – Dr. Joseph Ruggiero. December 24th, the day before Christmas, I learned I was a candidate for the strongest chemo known to man. Folfirinox was designed for people with BRACA II Cancer – the miracle of Christmas was about to pave the way for another cancer chapter never anticipated.

The faster we act on Pancreatic Cancer the better our chances for recovery. This cancer is like a petulant child that, when angry, throws its own cancer cells into the lymph system and other parts of our body – which we can’t see or feel until the pain makes it known. My ribs hurt; they were being spread apart. The pressure of the tumor was a statement of power: “I am the boss now!”

My chances of life over death were being calculated by the strength of the tumor over my state of mind. I was not giving in. I was not hiding my disease. I was going to lean into this unexpected petulant child and give back a love for waking me up to things that I needed to do differently.

Turning to energy healers was not something I knew a lot about. I believed in energy healing yet had not allowed myself to be a part of it. This time was different – this time I was harvesting miracles – from around the world and from my back yard.

Master Park came to our apartment and blew me away. She was so pure of heart and so full of energy healing wisdom. Brought to me through Barbara Biziou – one of my ‘Goddesses’ from the Goddess Group started years ago. I knew Master Park would bring healing and insights. She worked my body at an energy level, and circled my tumor with love. I felt better, and different, and open to receive the energy healing that was going to change my life.

Bonnie Hughes, a wisdom healer who has brought me insights with her touch, gave me a word to focus on; “Allow,” she said. “You must focus on ‘Allowing’ energy to come to you and through you.”

Miracles do happen – and at the right time and right place a new quantum level of energy was about to knock on my door. Four months before being diagnosed with breast and pancreatic cancers, I was selected out of hundreds of thought leaders, to bring my work to the world. My work is called Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ). It’s a new ‘intelligence’ that sits alongside of Emotional Intelligence and Intellectual Intelligence, as one of a small number of universal intelligences that all human beings have.

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