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Miracles Do Happen! The DNA of Healthy Conversations

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What I discovered with my husband was another level of conversation that changed our lives. It went beyond telling, selling and defending. It required an open mind to listen deeply, to take in what others were saying, and to be willing to change my mind. I called this higher level of conversations Level 3 – Transformational, and this morning Rich and I had discovered Level 3 at its best.

Co-Creating Conversations

Our conversation opened up a window to our minds. Rich and I started to see connections we’d never seen before. We were so energized that we almost couldn’t keep up with the new insights that were flying out of our minds and our mouths. Big questions emerged—questions for which we had no answers. We had to think together and hold the space open for the sublime and the ridiculous.

I gave these conversations a new name; co-creating conversations. Co-creating is when people think together, define reality together, and take on the shared responsibility for the health of another person, and even the health of an organization together. Through our conversation, we learned that the same principles apply to healthy cells and healthy organizations. When healthy conversations exist inside a culture, everyone thrives; when healthy conversations exist inside the body, every human being thrives.

What we realized that day was profound, and our learning has unfolded over the last decade into a depth of wisdom about how organizations and organisms use conversational intelligence for Creating ‘WE’ – the healthiest state of existence for cells, for individuals, for teams and for organizations.

Conversations are not just about talking, sending and sharing information, telling people what to do, and expressing what is on our minds. An intelligent conversation is much more interactive and inclusive. In fact, conversational intelligence impacts how we connect, engage, interact, and influence others, enabling us to shape reality, events and outcomes in a collaborative way. Intelligent conversations move us from power over others to power with others, to get on the same page and experience the same reality by bridging reality gaps between how you see things and how I see things.

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