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Future-Science Technology: A New Operating System for Humans and Planet Earth

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Elliott Maynard, PhD
Arcos Cielos Foundation

Future-Science Technology is the quantum-field science for the future – a Master Paradigm for humans and Planet Earth. This Master Paradigm is broken down into 25 keys which make up the basic fabric of Future-Science Technology – with each key representing a different pathway for creating connections between left-brained logical thinking and right-brained intuitive thinking. It is this logical left-brained perspective that has dominated western thinking since the invention of the Gutenberg Press in 1440, an invention which ushered in the age of mass media, thus making reading and writing a new factor for human success and survival.

Mainstream scientific paradigms are based on hard facts, generated from a logical thinking perspective. The basis for “hard science” thus dictates we believe nothing we cannot prove to be true through measurements, replication and mathematical validation. The overemphasis on facts, formulations and replications has led establishment scientists and world leaders to support institutions that focus on compartmentalization, overspecialization and compilation of information. This approach dominates most of our existing scientific, governmental and military organizations, since the bulk of research funding is focused on supporting organizations, instead of brilliant individuals or new ideas and emerging breakthrough technologies.

From the new perspective of Future-Science Technology, we need only to make a shift in our consciousness — from the established linear framework of “not believing anything we cannot prove to be true,” to “not disbelieving anything we cannot prove to be untrue.”  Yes, it’s that simple. Just be willing to open yourself up to receiving information and working with the Universal Quantum Field. I guarantee you will be amazed at how things begin to work for you in entirely new ways.

Historically speaking, what we think of as “modern technology,” has existed for a mere eye-blink on the greater historical timescale – since the beginning of the industrial revolution in the 18th Century.  By contrast, right-brained intuitive approaches to science, medicine and the arts have been essential elements of Native American and Eastern philosophies for thousands of years. The great scientists, artists, musicians, mystics and visionaries of the European Renaissance were only able to break through the restrictive logic-based paradigms of their times because their creative achievements in science, art and music were so obviously brilliant that it became “fashionable” for the Church and heads of state to support them and thus gain an extra bit of fame for themselves. What was created was essentially “an offer they could not possibly refuse.”

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