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Future-Science Technology: A New Operating System for Humans and Planet Earth

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Future-Science Technology represents a new operational protocol for the human race. It implies a major shift from a past-based, “rear-view mirror” perspective into a present and future-thinking perspective. This Master Paradigm embodies the key components of both evolution and transformation as “catalytic change-agents” and implies a shift from local and national perspectives into an entirely new, spherical consciousness framework. This new consciousness framework is truly global, as it highlights the future of humans and their interrelationships with Planet Earth. It also acknowledges the greater extraterrestrial community, and embraces the hope that the human race will become enlightened enough to be invited to participate with extraterrestrials in meaningful exchanges of wisdom, trade, advanced technology and cultural exchange.

The time has arrived in Earth’s evolutionary development for the new thinkers of all nations to make the quantum shift, from a regional and national perspective to a fresh new planetary and intergalactic consciousness. Our technology has reached the point where we can either choose to enhance – or continue to systematically destroy – the delicate balance of the natural forces which sustain our global biosphere. If mankind can fully understand the critical priorities of ecological preservation, restoration and enhancement as prerequisites for the survival and success of our now and future generations, humanity will have achieved a profoundly important transition into an entirely new and unprecedented phase of its evolutionary journey.

This is a journey of quantum transformation into a brave new mindset. This is the wondrous journey of Future Man – Homo novus. So, welcome to the Quantum Theater of Dreams.., the “Real Reality Show.” The footlights are dimming. The audience waits in hushed expectation. The curtain is beginning to rise. Are you ready to expand your own brave new mind? If so.., prepare for liftoff, and welcome to the Future. Your adventure in quantum-field thinking has just begun!

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