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Future-Science Technology: A New Operating System for Humans and Planet Earth

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This same creative persistence for working outside hard-science protocols is alive and well today. Otherwise, we would not have Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo, Facebook, Tesla Motors and countless other paradigm breakers. Remember that most of the key innovators of these new paradigm companies worked with little support or encouragement, often in garage workshops and against daunting resistance from established institutions. What did they all have in common? They believed in themselves and in their innovative creations. They pushed on against all odds. They defied establishment logic to “search” in deference to logical “research” and endless data-churning. Their success became so glaringly apparent it became uncomfortable for establishment scientists to continue ignoring their work.

Success speaks for itself! Genius speaks for itself! These innovative concepts were only successful because modern geniuses transformed their visions into practical working models, such as the basic hardware and software innovations of Microsoft and Apple Computers, systems now so deeply imbedded in our lives that we accept them without thinking. They forced naysayers to shut up and “get with the program,” because their positions of resistance no longer benefited them.

Neo-Renaissance thinking embodies the concept of learning to use both hemispheres of the brain synergistically, with regard to man’s relationship to Nature and to human society in general. What this accomplishes is to go back on the evolutionary time-scale to the point where the bi-hemispherical structure of the human brain was created. At that time the human brain was shaped by the major drives for survival and success in what was essentially a wilderness environment.

When humans made the shift from hunter-gatherers into agriculture, a new mindset emerged. This new perspective put man more in touch with his social environment. He abandoned his former nomadic ways and became engaged in the responsibilities of planting, harvesting and storing crops for the winter. This new routine encouraged the formation of permanent villages and allowed more time for the sharing of wisdom, development of new trades and cultural exchange.

In contrast to this gradual shift experienced by our ancient relatives, our lives in the present are inundated by lightning-paced developments in computer technologies, communications and the global internet. These recent shifts have forced our personal perspective to expand exponentially. Thus, the worldview of our parents’ and grandparents’ generations has grown from a few square miles to encompass the entire planet. Recent developments in space sciences and related digital technologies have also served to extend the scope of human consciousness, to reach out across vast inter-stellar distances to even the most distant galaxies. This quantum expansion and evolution of the human external perspective has been reflected back in corresponding shifts which have profoundly changed the fundamental nature of human consciousness itself. With the advent of Earth-orbital satellite technology, lunar, planetary and interstellar probes and space observatories like the International Space Station (ISS) and the Hubble Telescope, the Planetary Consciousness Field (Global Brain) has undergone a corresponding expansion in its self-awareness.

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