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The Visionary Leader in a Modern Organizational Context

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An effective modern leader will often focus on creating a TANGIBLE VISION and this is done through focused motivation, the setting of specific goals, and the monitoring of the ways in which (and extent to which) these goals are achieved within the organization. Thus, a person who assumes or is assigned this form of leadership must not only be able to articulate a vision of the future that is persuasive and motivating, she must also be able to “deliver” on this vision—in other words be a good, achieving manager. The organizational vision may come from the leader herself or may be assigned to her by other people in the organization (the so-called “stakeholders”).

Modern Motivation

The motives being engaged by the modern leader are usually extrinsic in nature. An employee does not necessarily believe in the inherent value of the product he is being asked to manufacture (or sell) or the service he is being asked to provide (or sell). Furthermore, the modern employee is not necessarily inspired by the profit to be made by the owners of his company as a result of his good work. The modern employee is much more likely to be inspired and motivated by the rewards he hopes to receive related to achievement of a specific set of goals.

These rewards are not necessarily monetary—though they often are. They might come in the form of public recognition, promotion to a new job or, at the very least, increased assurance of job security. While the profit to be made by his organization is not inherently motivating for the modern employee, there is comfort to be derived from knowing that one’s organization is financially solvent and is likely to open its doors again tomorrow morning (and for many morning thereafter). The motivation might also come from the exposure to frequent challenges, the opportunity to work with people who are gifted and supportive, or the ability to perform work that is relatively stable over time. These are all motivators that an effective visionary leader working in a modern organization will use to encourage and “inspire” his subordinates (and colleagues).

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