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The Overview Effect and the Camelot Effect

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Charles Smith expands this idea with his distinction between Glastonbury and Avalon, two other legendary locales in England.  Glastonbury represents the physical world of business and doing (diversity), while Avalon represents the spiritual world of transcendence and being (unity).  Speaking of an organization that experiences both, Smith says,

When Glastonbury and Avalon merge in the Round Table, the company finds itself in Camelot.” (13)

Just as there is an Overview Effect, there may also be a “Camelot Effect.”  The former is the object of the quest, while the latter is the quest itself.  The Camelot Effect reflects our need to create a “space” in which a new and better world might exist, not only as a momentary experience of greatness but also as a continuing reality.  (14) 

As more of us experience the Overview Effect, then, might the planet Earth itself become our “new Camelot?”


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