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Ten Steps to Help Expats in Their Job Search Abroad

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Whether you’re looking for a new job abroad or moving between industries in a foreign country, this process is never really an easy one for an expat. In today’s economy the competition for employment is intense and becomes even more difficult in a foreign country. CVs seem to disappear into the black hole of recruitment regardless of whether you’re in China, Brazil or the UAE, hence contributing to the job search challenge. Take charge of the situation by applying the following steps to help you overcome obstacles faced during your career move abroad.
1. Decide on what you want to do and research your targeted industry
Define your next career move and be clear about the job you want. Are you looking to progress your current field or do you want to change careers and industries. Once this has been established commence with researching the related industry. For example, you might be an expat in Shanghai working in recruitment  of call centre agents and you’re now looking to become involved in international recruitment, research the top recruitment companies in Shanghai that specialize in international recruitment and establish what they are looking for in their staff. Make a list of such companies and start targeting them.

2. Fear is one of the most debilitating aspects and can rob you massively of your sizzle, work to overcome this.
Adopt an attitude of addressing your fears by drawing close the very thing you fear. For example: you might want to pursue a career in public relations but you have a fear of speaking up during company meetings or doing presentations; investigate opportunities to develop your public speaking and communication skills & work to overcome your fear by attending a public speaking seminar or becoming a member of a public speaking group such as “Toast Masters” or other such public speaking groups which is available in many countries.

3. Re evaluate your Brand and Identity
Your core values, your talents, strength and image become your brand and need to fall into alignment and resonate with who you truly are and what you can bring to the world. Using self help resources like the exercises in What Color is Your Parachute can help you identify your core skills and strengths and help you to create a brand that is authentic to you. This brand needs to be consistent across all platforms (social media, your CV, networking events, etc).

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