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Elements of Successful Client Meetings

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This outline serves as a checklist for you when planning your sales meeting with a prospective client. Excerpted from Seal the Deal.

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I. Rapport Building

A. Opening the dialog

B. Establishing peerage

C. Finding connections

D. Getting the client talking about themselves

II.  Building Trust

A. Confirm your credibility

B. Demonstrate your competence

C. Model your integrity

D. Essential mindsets

III. Questioning

A. Finding out as much as you can about what they do and how they do it

B. Past, present, and future based questions

C. Seeking how you can be helpful to this person

D. Exploring what’s possible

IV. Listening

A. Obstacles to listening

B. Your actions: Confirm, clarify, take notes

C. What to listen for

V.  Story Telling

A. The purpose of stories

B. What kinds of stories to tell

C. When to use stories to escalate the sale

D. How to develop powerful, relevant stories

VI. Getting to the second meeting

A. Reasons to come back

B. Requesting the meeting and scheduling the meeting

C. Escalating the sale

D. Presentation and proposal design


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