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Mental Positioning Checklist: Critical Mindsets for Success in Sales

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Use this checklist to align your mindsets for ultimate success in business development. It’s not just about the actions you’re taking…you can be taking all the right actions for growing your business, but if you have limiting beliefs or counter-productive mindsets, your results will be less than optimal. Excerpted from Seal the Deal.

•    Being a connection-seeker
•    Sales is not a dirty word: reframe sales as an extension of your service cycle – it is about helping your clients
•    Approach sales from a service context: use your coaching skills in a coach-approach to selling
•    Ask “How can I help?” Focus on service, taking care of others, being helpful
•    Do what you do — and think referrals
•    Giver’s gain
•    Six degrees of separation
•    Integrity and business ethics
•    Keep a broad view of who the client is (strive for depth in organizations)
•    Think long-term
•    Develop and sustain long term meaningful relationships
•    Your sales style and approach must be natural and authentic to you: No tips, gimmicks or techniques will seal the deal for you
•    Ask for specific help, referrals, leads, business deals
•    Referrals breed referrals
•    Expect to grow your business by referrals
•    Listen more than you speak
•    Provide exceptional service by making bold promises and over-delivering
•    Learn what clients need, want, expect and give them more
•    Value is defined by the client, not you
•    Operate from a foundation of commitment. Articulate what you are committed to and find out what is important to the client
•    Act as if the client is already a client and treat them with that level of care through the sales process
•    Follow through is critical
•    Link individual goals with organizational goals and generate measureable results
•    Every interaction is an opportunity for relationship
•    Challenge assumptions: yours and theirs
•    You are always in a sales conversation…either you’re selling or you’re being sold to
•    Y ou    always    have    a    choice
•    Adopt an abundance mentality. You can make a difference AND make oodles of money. There are dynamic laws of prosperity. You can read all about them in Catherine Ponder’s book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.
•    Never give away free coaching samples! If you believe people need to have an experience of your service before buying, offer an introductory rate or a discounted sample rate rather than giving it away for free. If you give it away for free you interfere with your own value proposition.

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