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Why and how you need to create a brain-friendly celebration habit

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For teams, social celebrations are valuable because they help strengthen personal relationships while acknowledging the team’s achievements. You can convene for a short debrief meeting followed by an informal get-together, either remote or in-person, to enjoy a meal or snacks. (Some teams that work remotely send team members goody bags of food that everyone opens on their own at the appointed time.) These get togethers are a great opportunity to reflect on teamwork, share stories, relax and bask in your accomplishments.

4.Adjust your environment to make it easier for you to celebrate. Make the effort to set yourself up for success. For example, if you need reminders to celebrate, insert “celebration cues” throughout your project plan. Or, place your celebration flag and other gear in an easy-to-see place to access.

5.Celebrate when you do the habit to embed and rewire your brain. Yes, you need to celebrate doing your celebration habit. This extra celebration, which can be any size you want, further stimulates the brain’s reward system. Besides giving you pleasure in the moment, the extra celebration reinforces your chances for replicating this feeling — and just as importantly — the behavior in the future.

6. Repeat your new celebration habit as often as possible. Repetition helps the habit become automatic. And keep in mind, celebrating the efforts you’re making rewires your brain, just as your achievements do.

7. Evaluate and experiment. Each person’s brain is unique. What works for one individual won’t necessarily work for another. And teams may want their own adaptations. By actively trying different ways, you and your team members will find a good solution that increases your commitment to the new behavior. This applies to both doing your new celebration habit as well as acknowledging yourself for remembering to do this new habit.

With this habit, you’re embracing the science of celebration. And if you get stuck, just ask yourself: “How do I want to acknowledge myself for this accomplishment?”

Acknowledging and celebrating your accomplishments helps you and your brain make a strong connection between the achievement you’re celebrating and the behaviors that got you there.



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