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Establishing Core Values & Core Purpose Leading to Creation of New Brand

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Sector: Engineering – Product Development

Assignment: Establishment of Core Values & Core Purpose
Leading to the Creation of a New Brand.

Period: 2008


To help a newly formed Limited Company using an Israeli methodology for product development through creative employee engagement, to develop its brand name
& market position from an understanding of core values & core purpose. The organisation partners wished to develop a set of common shared values & a core purpose to facilitate the creation of a new brand in the engineering sector. With an understanding of the core values & core purpose the organisation was to
proceed to brief their selected creative agency on market positioning, creative imperatives, & territories for exploring appropriate & potential brand nomenclatures


• To establish with the partners the core values & core purpose of the organisation in order to understand options for market positioning

• To establish what was required to achieve differentiation versus existing market players

• To propose, develop & agree a new brand name reflecting the agreed core values & core purpose

• To use the agreed values & core purpose to facilitate creative expression and interpretation of what the organisation stands for & how it operates

• To utilise the expression & interpretation of the core values & core purpose to inform all decisions on brand ‘look & feel’, on marketing communication &
their application to all organisation materials & messaging

To create an Intellectual Asset Register in which all Intellectual Property – Trademarks, Copyright, et al – could be registered, protected & managed adding
immediate value to the new business


Use of an organisation wide values assessment instrument to assess commonality & alignments of values with the partners & a small group of trusted external
suppliers & investors

• Workshops

• Feedback loops

• Corporate coaching of the Partners on managing a creative agency and on successful creative briefing

• Corporate coaching on the development of an Intellectual Asset Register


Over a period of four weeks the organisation reached agreement on core values & core purpose leading to a clear understanding of market positioning, brand territories, a new brand name, the successful briefing of a creative partner who developed a new and strong brand name & identity applying it to all aspects of communication for the business. The organisation now works throughout Europe in Public & Private sectors, & has recently announced new partnering arrangements to drive & accelerated growth.

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