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Large-Scale Team Coaching Initiative Creates Sustainable Change

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The third significant finding was that all improvements in engagement and behaviors were sustainable. Of the 24 Team Advantage programs, several concluded in July and August, and all had concluded by late October. In January, a third survey of participants was conducted to find out if the improvements noted at the end of Team Advantage had stayed with the participants or if they had fallen back into previous behavior patterns. The post-data showed that every index score including engagement and for all 12 behaviors, remained stable at three-months or longer past the conclusion of Team Advantage.


The effectiveness of the team coaching approach used in Team Advantage now is further supported by this recent research. Key factors contributing to this measurable success include:
• Team Advantage goes beyond typical training and team building by incorporating engagement in learning and development through an extended coaching process. The impact is sustainable, and real change occurs through the accountability and ongoing support provided by a coach.

• Team Advantage enables teams to create their own goals and take ownership of the outcomes. This approach was confirmed in a Harvard Business Review white paper (Increase Your Team’s Motivation Five Fold, Scott Keller, 4/26/12), which concluded that “when people make their own decisions, they are more dedicated to everything that follows.”

• Components of the process are often continued by the team leaders and teams, providing an additional return on investment and creating long-term positive change.

Forthcoming research by Haysmar Inc. will demonstrate how Team Advantage can be used as an integral part of a culture change initiative in a major commercial organization. Preliminary results indicate significant positive impacts on engagement and key high performance behaviors with overall engagement scores increasing nearly 29 percentage points over the study period.

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