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Book of Universal Wisdom: Great Coaching Questions

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50. What’s the awful truth?

51. What’s missing in Your relationships?

52. What’s missing in Your performance?

53. What is your Dream of the Earth?

54. What do you want?

55. What is your true purpose in life?

56. What true commitments are being thwarted?

57. Where is alignment missing?

58. What would move you from good to great?

59. What more could you do to make you an “A” level performer?

60. What conversations are missing? Relationship? Possibility? Opportunity? Action? Breakdown?

61. Do you live in a real or an appearing world?

62. If you could not explain it, what would you do?

63. If one moment were not connected to the next, what would you do?

64. Who are you?

65. Why should I listen to you?

66. How will you make money for me?

67. Who that is really credible will endorse you powerfully?

68. Upon saying what no, does the future you want depend?

69. Where are you grasping?

70. How much do you want to sell and do you mean it?

71. How do you want to sell it and do you mean it?

72. Are you willing to put up with all the crap with people and breakdowns and do you mean it?

73. What’s missing for you that you think I might have?

74. What’s missing for me that I think you might have?

75. What is there to celebrate about your world?

76. What is working well around here?

77. What are you avoiding?

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  1. PeterRoche

    December 4, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Is one of the tests to see if we actually read all the questions noticing the gap between 55 & 60. Seriously; great questions.
    Some I will borrow to add to my list of, Things Worth Getting.
    Thank you for sharing these provocations


    • Bill Bergquist

      December 18, 2013 at 11:42 am

      Peter: Thank you for your observant eyes. We have corrected the numbering. Perhaps there should be an additional item on the list with regard to getting the numbering correct!


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