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Coaching & Mentoring, in a Life & Language Coaching World

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For instance:  a Teacher will often work from a lesson plan, whilst  their students naturally follow their guidance  – but, when this connection also involves ‘links-of-support’ through ‘niche-coaching’ [on a one-two-one basis], the ‘coachee’ is then provided with the ‘space to both think and to say-out-loud‘ their life’s concerns.

Essentially: With ‘no judgement’, or preconception [from their ‘coach’]: the coachee’s talking space has the ability to become ‘much more than a gripe, or a link of inner or outer concern’, it becomes an area when ‘they are able to both acknowledge and begin to sound-out ways to work-through their barriers’ – and, as they continue to accept support towards their building of ‘inner-provision’,  that will help provide the ‘driving force’ of ‘motivation’ [which is  often needed], it’s then that they also begin to recognise, and even find ways towards, the solutions that they already have within.


[1] Melbourne-Milner. J. [self published 2017] ‘Coaching Workshop: Advanced Personal Development. Executives – How to work towards the achievement of better [inner]-happiness: And, how to recognise it when it presents itself’, p.5.

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