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Coaching & Mentoring, in a Life & Language Coaching World

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When I ‘coach’: I ensure that I have both the time and energy to ‘actively listen’ , whilst also providing my full attention.  I have also found that: when ‘coaching & mentoring’, we naturally learn to both ‘give and take’ – and, whilst within our own practice/s of established ‘niche’ working ‘links-of-support’,  the ‘client coach relationship’ will often begin to integrate on a level which ‘surpasses the idea of basic coaching support’. I also maintain my ‘belief’ that this is because there will always be a requirement for any ‘coach’ to both ‘actively listen’ and also ‘respond’ [appropriately and ‘with knowledge’], at some point, which then serves to support the client at a level which will be ‘beyond a surface-level’ approach to that of a more ‘person-centred’ approach.

Coaches [become ‘resilient’ and], will often become experts at ‘soaking up’ the ‘angst’ of a client – whilst, also ‘listening and absorbing’ the variants of ‘barriers’ which might present themselves within the ‘coaching remit’, based on levels of conversation [whether apparent or when ‘reading between the lines’].

For many, the idea of connecting to a link of  ‘coaching  support’ is still a new one – and, whilst ‘niche working’, helps to ensure the ‘coach’ and ‘coachees’ are able to begin ‘on the same page’ [of Initial Assessment], it’s still important to acknowledge the role of each when ‘actively listening’.

Just as a classroom or teaching hour, will have a set of guidelines [learning agreement] for both the Teacher and student to follow – so, too will an agreed plan of ‘coaching’, as an essential element of the ‘coaching process’ – and, ‘niche working’ helps to determine what elements of the ‘coaching practice’ is addressed first, in the sense that there will often be an established platform from which to work from.

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