Encouraging Senior Sage Leadership

Gary Quehl October 22, 2014 0
Encouraging Senior Sage Leadership

By Gary Quehl and William Bergquist

I do think there is a very solid group here who could be energized to participate. And we’re going to need them to mentor the young, replace older leaders, and help government get more adept. Senior Sage Leader

Senior sage leaders observe that quick, artificial fixes won’t work. Their reality is that engaging more senior civically must involve a one-on-one approach:

Some have not yet had the good fortune of discovering the connection between an individual volunteer organization and their own passion. I think we can only turn this around one person at a time.

We have been able to significantly increase our volunteer pool at The Center for the Arts over the past year. One person I know wasn’t very involved before. We had just met, and he somehow got turned on by my passion for the Center. Part of this is being at the right place and time and being ready for something to “click” inside, but I don’t know how you set that up consciously.

We get focused on what we’re doing, what our organization needs, and tend to forget to reach out to others and ask, “Would you like to help on this?” I feel I’m beginning to do this more than I used to, because having lived here going on 14 years I feel like a veteran. I tell myself, “C’mon, talk to people more, invite them!”

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