In Pursuit Of An Island Life

John Caswell February 13, 2017 0
In Pursuit Of An Island Life

What Happened?

We say we inhabit a civilised world. Hmm, I’m asking for a recount on that one. We seem to have screwed with the concept. The definition is rigged. And it’s not in our favour.

“Progress traditionally signals change. Things become different over time?—?and better. It seems inherent within the idea of progression. But pick your favourite dimensions of society and regression seems more apt…”

There’s major inequality in every major system on Earth. Whether education, health, work, leisure?—?your gender, the law?—?choose your favourite system. No matter which one, you’re likely to feel the subject of stupidity?—?possibly marginalisation, disenfranchisement or even exploitation.

“The so called ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’ have never been in such graphic conflict as right now…Even a simple reflection with an open mind?—?extremism and isolationism can seem a rational strategy. If people have a way to say they’ve had enough they will. No matter how counter intuitive it is…”

At what distance do we need to stand to see this bigger picture? How far back before it stops looking like a global outbreak of insanity. (Enough to jump back on that space ship?)

What’s The Difference?

I’ve always felt different to most of the people I meet. I don’t fit into most people’s definition of normal. I’m scared of normal, in fact. Normal doesn’t appeal to me one bit. I’ve come across others like me but they’ve been the exception?—?a rare treat. “Most people seem to be trying to be ever more normal. So, everywhere I search it’s for less normality?—?let’s call that ‘difference’. And the sadness is, there’s ever more mediocrity…”

Until recently society seems increasingly accepting of all the stupidity around. Crazy unbelievable addictions to food we know kills us, myopic disregard for the changing climate, praying to the gods of celebrity, an addiction to owning weapons, superficial denial of corrupt practices in our banking systems and causes of war on other countries.

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