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A Sample Chapter of The Fork Model by Rudy Vandamme

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Which track do you prefer?

The tracks are equal in value. No single track is better or more important than any of the others. All four of them are crucial in what they have to offer for development. You may change tracks at some point, shifting attention from one to another, but in the end, you will proceed along each track at the same pace.

The following chapters will deal with the methods of each individual track. The first track we will discuss is the project track. This is no coincidence: a project is a good point to make a start. It will provide firm ground to base your development on. So what you should do is to start with the world, instead of beginning with looking inside yourself or reflecting on your behavior. Put yourself in a strong and steady position first. You can make your own ego healthier by taking action. After that, the other tracks will follow.

2.5 The track game: switching attention

If you see the differences between the tracks, becoming familiar with their unique aspects, you will see that shifting your attention is a way of speeding up the move- ments of your development. Below you will find six of the most important track switches: Create meaningfulness by linking project and identity.

Although all projects are conscious processes, they are usually linked to a personal theme of development at a subconscious level. Any result you invest in is not just about achieving the goal, but also about a desire to add to your own development. Your activities become more meaningful if they are linked to who you are, and connected to what you need to strengthen your feeling of selfhood. When you become overwhelmed by the issues of the day, you will find peace of mind by taking your personal development as your starting point.

What personal development do you feed when you carry out your project?

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