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A Sample Chapter of The Fork Model by Rudy Vandamme

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2.3 The philosophy of each track

So what is the added value of each track for lasting development? The following sections further explain the idea behind each track. Fork Model philosophy 1. Projects: Grounded activity

Projects are always clearly marked out and related to their context. They are about concrete goals in concrete situations with concrete people acting in them. You live in the world, after all. You are an acting creature. You make an impact by acting, changing the world as you go. Contrasted to vague desires, feelings, ideals, and dreams, projects are about acting on dreams and desires in a grounded way. By grounded I mean that projects are concrete: firmly rooted in the ground, instead of up in the clouds

Projects take place within a timeframe. The result is always something that can be pointed out in an environment. You could say, for instance: ‘In the next few months, I am going to find a new home’. ‘I want to learn how to arrive at appointments on time’. These are visible activities and their results can be measured. You succeed, or you don’t.

What does it mean to your philosophy of life to act in the world in concrete ways?

‘I want to boost my self-confidence’ is a desire instead of a project. It becomes a project if you make it concrete. You could say, for example: ‘I want to be able to look my boss straight into the eye and tell him about the innovations I would like in my work’. The project becomes clear if you find a way of making your goal a concrete one. Even if you define it in terms of a feeling, it is still a project: ‘I want to keep feeling able to do something’.

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