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A Sample Chapter of The Fork Model by Rudy Vandamme

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If you get stuck in a project, see what you can learn from the way you approach it.
If you are stuck while trying to get results, the first track for you to turn to is that
of self-guidance. Find out if there is some challenge for you to learn a certain self- guidance skill. Once you have found it, you can either start to learn how to use it, or

you can use the project to train this skill.

What guidance skills do you need to learn to advance in this project?

If you get stuck in a project, look for personal themes that block your way.

Obstacles in projects may be related to a part of yourself you have forgotten about while carrying out the project. You could use the track of identity to find the part, the desire, or the value asking to play along. Make what you find a part of the goal of your project. What part, desire, or value in your personality should be built into the goal of your project? Link your own development to your place within the greater whole.

Your personal development will become much more meaningful if you link it to something you add to the greater whole. Linking both tracks shifts your attention from just searching inside yourself to a broader context.

How is your personal development fed by what you add to the development of the greater whole to which you belong?

If you get stuck in therapeutic soul-searching, engage in a project.

You can make a lot of headway in developing personal themes by achieving concrete results and putting them into the world. Soul-searching can make you run around in circles. So do something, get going. Get some results. Create a difference.

What concrete results help you shape your personal development?

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