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Encounters with “The Other”: A History and Possibilities

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Nothing else is possible

1. So, maybe nothing else is possible.
maybe we are at the mercy of our genetically transmitted
wariness of the “other,”
triggering us into fight or flight.
Lose and Tight
Liberal and Conservative
Tolerance and Purity
snap reactions,
snap judgments,
drawing us ever more closely into like-minded tribes,
reinforcing one another with our funds of substitute knowledge,
growing ever more different and separate from the “other.”
Circumstance will arrive,
as they are arriving now.
Wars, revolutions, environmental disasters.
Millions on the move,
different colors, religions, languages, politics;
the demagogues are at their microphones and twitter feeds,
the message is clear;
it’s an old one;
it’s been here throughout the ages.
Save our tribe!
Purity, purity, purity!

What else is possible?
What about laws?
Can Laws stop oppression?

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