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Coaching Trends: 2022 Predictions

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So here’s a little conversation that I had with myself:

Self, do I want to achieve my goals?

Of course.

Do I need a coach for that?

No, I’ve got my own tools like my BestSelf Journals

Self, do I want to increase my self-awareness?

Maybe, but it’s not a pressing need.

Self, do I want to improve my relationships?

Nah, I don’t feel like I’m having problems in that general area – or at least not badly enough that I think I need a coach

Do you start to see what I’m trying to demonstrate here?

Here’s an example: I’m keen to get back into swimming in a big way. I’ve done long distance swims like the Midmar Mile and so on and would like to work my way back to that level of fitness.

For various reasons, I haven’t swum at any level of endurance in the last 2 years or more.

My problem – I need to put in the time and lengths, and I need to work on my technique to get me ready for the next Midmar Mile in Feb 2022.

Solution: find a swim coach.


Problem AND goal – find solution.

Why is that decision so much easier to make than getting a coach?

OUR problem, as coaches, is that we don’t position ourselves as clear SOLUTIONS to specific problems, and I don’t want to hear you say: “But how can I? Coaches can coach anything.  I’m not a consultant.”

Put yourself into a potential client’s shoes, and listen to yourself telling your client that you don’t specialise in a specific area but can coach anything that your client brings to the coaching session.

How compelling does that sound?

I think it sounds a bit weak, actually.

I get it. We were ALL trained from a Rogerian perspective, but the world has changed and we need to change with it.

Just because we believe that the client is the centre of the coaching session and that they set the agenda, doesn’t mean that we can’t position ourselves as specialists in a certain area.

That still allows the client to set the agenda, but in an area where we create our best results with clients.

Our job is to coach our client towards getting those results in that area.

Problem and/or goal – solution.

We need to align ourselves with the solutions that our clients are looking for.

Remember what I said before: We have a buyer expectation for immediacy and instant gratification.

The ICF continues to emphasise that coaches specialising in niche/specialist areas will see more employment opportunities than coaches who don’t specialise.

Finding and defining your niche reinforces your brand value, brilliance and uniqueness.

3.The rise of Artificial Intelligence coaches

Dr Nicky Terblanche and colleagues at USB have developed an artificial intelligence coaching app – Coach Vici (proudly South African).

Early research on the Coach Vici app showed that people using it were more likely to achieve their goals.

Most importantly, this is an intelligent AI coaching app, unlike some of the others on the market.

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  1. Barbara Walsh

    January 13, 2022 at 6:07 am

    Good article Megan… I wonder how many coaches take time to watch the trends, or for that matter, coaching organisations and training companies. The industry is changing rapidly, right under our noses!


    • Megan

      January 19, 2022 at 11:18 am

      Thanks Barbara. You make a good point, and certainly there are things that forward-looking professionals need to start being aware of. Also, with so much competition in the market, we need to differentiate ourselves and offer as much value to our clients as possible.


  2. Teri-E Belf

    August 2, 2022 at 2:40 pm

    excellent article Megan. I did a keynote for ACTO a few years ago and 1/2 of it was about the future of coaching. You have just updated me for which I am grateful. I love your personalized writing style. Thank you so much, Teri-E Belf


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