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Grounding Professional Coaching Practice with Positive Assessments of Emotional Intelligence

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Conclusion and Invitation

We have learned that our positive assessment instruments can easily be used and applied by others in their coaching practice. We invite you to consider how the SCALE® could be adapted to complement your own professional services. As the profession continues to develop, we support the profession being based on competency models with key skills and learning processes that are supported by research.  Creating the best conditions for positive change and coaching practice that address client goals are vital.  Our research supports the value of a dynamic, engaging coaching relationship and process guided by systematic, sequential, and integrated learning (ELS).  The process starts with assessment and the explore step to ensure goals of the client are clearly understood.  We have found a helping relationship with the client is established easier and faster when the internal frame of the client is respected with positive assessment.



[1] The information presented here on the SCALE’s psychometric performance is summarized from R. Hammett’s “Validating the Skills for Career And Life Effectiveness” (in press) for the next volume of International Journal for Transformative Emotional Intelligence. Adapted with author’s permission.

[2] We want to acknowledge and thank Dr. Ashis Sen (AS Consulting and Coaching) and Dr. Cristy Phillips (Associate Professor, Arkansas State University) for sharing their experiences for this article.



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