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RISE – Assessing the Structure and Dynamics of One’s Job

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Enabling [Internal Locus of Control] [Demand Element]

We are likely to gain much more support in an organization (yet also increase expectations) if our work holds the potential of influencing the work of other members of the organization.

Assisting (Tangible Enablement): The direct ways in which we can benefit others in the organization through our work and, more specifically, contribute to their success in the organization.

Encouragement (Intangible Enablement): The indirect ways in which we can be a champion or ever-present “colleague” to others in the organization.

Supported [External Locus of Control] [Supply Element]

True and enduring support in an organization comes not just from connecting with and receiving tangible or intangible support from other people, another project, another initiative or another agency in the organization. It comes from a triangulation wherein both you and the other entity link positively with a third entity (a shared mission, a shared vision, a shared commitment to and capacity to enable a more general and critical project in the organization). A triangulated structure is always stronger (able to withstand powerful external forces) than a structure with only two anchor points (or two sets of anchor points: a four-sided structure).

Investment (Tangible Support): The unwavering and specific contributions of resources from elsewhere in the organization to you and your work.

Encouragement (Intangible Support): The sustained and honest best wishes of others in the organization for your success in your current job.

Analysis of Job Design

When analyzing the design of your job within its environment, the first step is to set (or negotiate) the amount of intentionality (authority) (both formal and informal) to reflect the resources allocated to you in this job. Next, determine (negotiate) a specific level of entrepreneurial behavior and creative tension for you by increasing or decreasing your appropriate amount of responsibility and enablement. Finally, adjust (request) the appropriate amount of support to ensure that you will get the informal help you need.

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