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RISE – Assessing the Structure and Dynamics of One’s Job

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Step Four: If the two lines intersect, forming an “X,” then demand equals support (at least roughly) and your job is properly designed for sustained high quality performance. If the lines do not cross, then the factors are misaligned. If resources (intentionality plus support) are insufficient for the task at hand, ongoing job implementation will fail [ineffectiveness]. If recourses are excessive, underutilization of assets and poor job performance can be predicted [inefficiency]. We offer two exemplars of a job analysis—one being a well-designed job (aligned factors) and the other being a job that is not well designs (misaligned factors)

Some Points to Consider about Job Design

A crisis of resources is most likely to occur when those who oversee jobs spend too much time thinking about intentionality (control), enablement (influence) and responsibility (accountability), and not enough time thinking about support.

A crisis of control is likely to occur in highly decentralized organizations where separate business units are created to be close to customers. Supply of resources (intentionality plus support) exceeds one’s ability to effectively monitor job trade-offs (responsibility) and to ensure coordination of knowledge sharing among members of the organization (enablement).

A crisis of red tape can occur in any organization where powerful staff groups overseeing key internal processes, such as strategic planning and resource allocation, design performance management systems that are too complex for the organization. Responsibility (accountability) and enablement (influence) are very high, but resources are insufficient and misdirected. The demand for resources exceeds supply.

View Dr. Bergquist explaining a bit more about this in the videocast about workplace stress.

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