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RISE – Assessing the Structure and Dynamics of One’s Job

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Two of the factors concern the supply of resources the organization provides you to do your job. The intentionality factor relates to the level of direct control you over other people, assets, and information as well as the resources you expect to receive (but do not directly control). The factor of support is its “softer” counterpart, reflecting the supply of resources in the form of help from people in the organization.

The other two factors—responsibility (hard) and enablement (soft)—determine your legitimate demand for organizational resources. The level of your responsibility (accountability), as defined by the organization, directly affects the level of pressure you are likely to experience regarding trade-offs. That pressure in turn drives your need for organizational resources. Your level of enablement, as determined by the structure of your job and the broader system in which your job is embedded, also reflects the extent to which you need resources.

For you to operate at maximum efficiency and effectiveness, the supply of resources for your job must equal the demand. In other words, amount of intentionality (both formal and informal) plus amount of support (both tangible and intangible) must equal amount of responsibility (both formal and informal) plus amount of enablement (both tangible and intangible).

Building a Job Design Matrix

In using the RISE matrix to determine amount of intentionality, responsibility, enablement and support, one can engage in the review of the four factors and most appropriate amounts of each factor needed to attain efficiency and effectiveness.

Step One: Complete the accompanying Job/Environment Questionnaire. Calculate the sum of two scores for each factor (for example, add the control score to the patronage score to determine the total intentionality score).

Step Two: Print out the Job/Environment Chart. Place a mark on each of the four lines (identifying the four factors) corresponding to your summary score for each factor.

Step Three: Draw a line between the Intentionality mark and the Support mark [forming the supply of resources line]. Draw a second line between the Responsibility mark and Enablement mark [forming the demand for resources line].

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