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Women Empowerment: The Last Single Girl

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Similarly, the social prescription that men hold women back professionally has boldly ruled the workplace for a very long time; fortunately, this norm is declining in value. On the contrary, men fear the power of women and women often lack the confidence to embrace their power. As females, some of us want liberation, power and equality but also have a preference towards chivalry – this tends to confuse the men around us. I’ve come to realise that men also suffer from gender biases; women are not alone in this inequality. Neither men nor women can be blamed – these are the repercussions of adhering to centuries of unchallenged and misunderstood social conditioning. We live in a society governed by social norms that tend to define thinking patterns and choices.

I believe society has conditioned men to fear women; women misunderstand and misuse their power – I feel that the reprogram buttons need to be reset for both genders. Women and men need development programs and tools, because the unconscious bias definitely exists for both genders. Inherited gender norms and social conditioning needs to be unlearnt and reinventing our mindsets will help move away from outdated social conventions.

I don’t think there is ever a right or wrong time to marry and finding “the one” should not be dictated at the pace of the media or society. Women; married or single, deserve to have the level of happiness they desire! I celebrate my life because I have found the courage to cross a few big chasms, to stand up to tradition while addressing key social barriers, and I’m comfortable in my skin. I have dared to stand out in my journey personally and professionally by not adhering to out-of-date social prescriptions while pursuing my passions and have indeed become a celebrated last single girl.

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